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¡Con Huevos! Recording videos
[Just in case you guys arn't watching the YouTube channel.. or the Twitter or the Facebook.. ;)]

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

Viva RCPM!

I've had this bottle of Mekong whiskey sitting unopened, since I returned from Thailand almost 6 months ago. Was I waiting for the proper way to mark an appropriate occasion? Well, tonight was never proper, but it was always appropriate. The man himself took the first draught from the fresh bottle, and now I possess a vial of holy firewater, a sacramental distillation to celebrate our barroom communions. If your bottle's empty, help yourself to mine.

Tonight's show
is streaming, which you probably know if you're following the boys on Twitter.

Anyway, ENJOY!

Article! :)
Peacemakers' lead singer excited about future
posted here, for the sake of a future dead-linkCollapse )

knock another bottle down the hatch again
so I took the trip up to the OC tonight. mainly to see what the new guy was about. I must say, I was...whelmed. Mr. Dalton didn't blow me away, nor did he disappoint, exactly. he played the leads very well. but the problem, I suppose, is that he was playing Brian's lead parts. or Scotty's. or Steve's. I didn't get to see him really flex his creative muscles. which, maybe, is to be expected, given that the songs are already so well established. we may have to wait until the next all-new album to hear what Jim Dalton can bring to the RCPM sound.

I will say though, that I was not a big fan of his backing vocals. but, again, maybe it will become part of "the sound" in due time.

it was nice to hear the rarely-played "Dolly" though. I still remember the early days, when the scars from the Refreshments breakup were still tender, when Roger would refuse to play that song, saying it was "the meanest song ever," or something to that effect.

fun addendum: I woke up this morning with "Professor" stuck in my head. I was hoping to get a chance to yell it out tonight (even if it had a snowball's chance of getting played), but the loud guy incessantly screaming "Switchblade!!!" behind me kinda killed the mood.

hey Professor, I need to impress her. Cuz I finally found a girl but she won't let me undress her.

some musics!

some old, rare-ish RCPM live covers, of varying quality. enjoy! :)

News about Steve
[via RCPM's MySpace]
Steve Larson and RCPM

Dear Peace Core,

For personal reasons, Steve Larson is departing RCPM. With gratitude for lending his talents, with hope for his future happiness and success, and with some sadness as he takes his leave, we bid Steve a fond farewell.

At the commencement of our first 2009 U.S. tour, Jim Dalton of Denver's beloved and infamous Railbenders will be playing lead guitar for RCPM.

We hope you will follow and support Steve Larson in his future artistic endeavors and welcome Jim Dalton as he steps in to fill some very big boots.

Con Amor,

Hey gang... some picspam
I finally got all my photos updated/uploaded from the Florida mini-tour and Circus Mexicus last weekend.

There's some random shots of me and the brother - just ignore those ;)

Orlando The Social (07/18/08)
Jacksonville Jack Rabbit's (07/19/08)
Tampa *technically Ybor City* (07/20/08) - There's a chunk of Shurman in here, too... and, yes: that is Shurman, on stage, in naught but the RCPM window shades... Good times...

Circus Mexicus 10/11/08 - includes the Hot Dog and a Smile charity barbeque with PH and Boots at JJ's; Circus Mexicus on Sunday with Massy Ferguson (the camera wasn't playing nice) at Sunset Cantina; and the Mananathon Hangover Bash with Boots, Tramps and Theives and Massey Ferguson at JJ's.

I've got some videos, too -Shurman on stage in the window shades was fabulous.


Is anyone going to be at the Minneapolis Show at the Fineline Music Cafe tonight? I'd love to meet up with any locals for a drink or two!

last night's show at Jackrabbits
Due to some technical difficulties, the feed started about half an hour in, but it's a pretty good shot.

There were MAYBE 60 people there and the guys hung out afterwards, which was pretty cool.

Watch this show and more at

I'll get the Florida tour photos organized and post a link asap :)


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